If you are interested in one of our kittens, we will be pleased to invite you to come visit us.

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a very social cat.
Therefore we prefer our kittens to go to people who already have a cat. That cat can be any cat, breed or a normal housecat. And of course a dog can also be a good companion.

We will give you a contract in which things are well organized.

  1. Our kittens grow up in a living room with other cats, children, sound of the vacuum cleaner and all other domestic sounds.
  2. Only when the kittens are at least 4 weeks old, new "owners" will be allowed to visit them. Young kittens are very vulnerable to infectious diseases. If you visit us, please don't visit another cattery on the same day. You could easily transfer bacteria from one cattery to another (shoes and cloting), causing the kittens to become ill.
    Of course you are never obliged to buy a kitten, just as we have the right to refuse to sell a kitten to you.
  3. We suggest you buy at least one big cat tree for your cat. Norwegian forest cats are very good climbers.
  4. We expect from you, that the cat will be kept in your house and garden and that you don't let your cat wander around on the streets. Please make sure the house or balcony is properly provided with a fence or grill. No one wants a cat to be killed by a car or another vehicle.
  5. We expect the new owners to give the kitten a warm and loving new home and take care of it for the rest of his/her life.
    If by any circumstances you are unable to care for your cat any longer, please let us know. We will do our best to help you find a new home. No cat should ever be brought to an animal shelter!
  6. If you decide to buy a kitten from us, we will ask you for a deposit of € 100,-.
  7. At the age of 13 weeks the kittens can go to their new owners, on the condition that they are declared healthy by a veterinarian.
  8. If you take the kitten outside the Netherlands, a rabies vaccination is required. In that case, the kittens can not go to their new owners before the age of 16 weeks.
  9. When you pick up your kitten at our home, the kitten has received 2 vaccinations, has been dewormed several times and the kitten is chipped.
    Coming with your kitten you will receive it's pedigree and an European passport containing information about the vaccinations. Also we will give you a kitten packet, photos and an information folder about your kitten.

Henny en Diana Vereijken